Saturday, 28 August 2010

COMMON ENEMY "Living the dream" new 12"LP {dead 016}

COMMON ENEMY - blasting straight out of the mid-80's, even though they've 'only' been around since '97. Reading, Pennsylvania's Common Enemy unleash 20 songs of skate punk that brings back fond memories of scene legends Cryptic Slaughter and DRI in their heyday.
Never slowing below breakneck speed (not one track clocks in at over 2 minutes) and never without tongue firmly in cheek, songs like 'Beer Bong', 'Pac-Man Fever', 'Thrash House Party' and 'Syphon And Destroy' will have you flailing around in pissed-up ecstasy and digging out your white Hi-Tec bumpers and cut-off t-shirts. Jason Navarro of The Suicide Machines/Hellmouth even gets in on the party to sing on the album's title track.
If Britain had any semblance of a decent summer this would make the ideal soundtrack to a good barbeque piss-up. This type of musical crossover is hardly going to be deemed original but equally its never going to be boring, and 'Living The Dream?' is definitely worth checking out if you yearn for the glory days when 'Convicted' and 'Dealing With It' were on everyone's turntables.