Saturday, 28 August 2010

COMMON ENEMY / LxExAxRxNx! split 7"EP {dead 006}

COMMON ENEMY they are typical US "broken bones" skate thrash with snotty vocals from Pennsylvania with sound like Holier Than Thou or Crispus Attucks. Their side of this EP wax contains three ultra new songs plus another three songs that were recorded live at The Silo on June 2007 /it's great sound – i really love it/ What's more? D.I.Y. or die and Let's have some fun, comprendes? LxExAxRxNx! are South Area Italian fast spaggetti tornado, mixture of Life's Half / Negative Approach style of hardcore with modern thrashin crossover with excellent guitar riffs. Six new mighty tracks with cool political lyrics plus awesome 7Seconds cover, this their records has been many times better than everything before - seriously. I hope that they will be recorded stuff for full LP fucking soon. This seveninch is coming with nice drawn cover by Ivana Smudja.