Saturday, 28 August 2010

GRIDE / LAHAR split 7"EP {dead 001}

…… a tribute to "South Bohemian Area" previous and current punk/hardcore bands. GRIDE side – legendary extreme hardcore mixed with powerviolence/grindcore mayhem riffs. Super technical percussionist and sound like a Yacopsae/Infest/Lack of Interest/Capitalist Casualties music style. The band has had a great political lyrics as well. Gride is covered bands – LAHAR, TELEX, UCHAZIM, SERIOUS MUSIC, PLASTIC GRAVE/INGROWING. LAHAR side – fast thrashing hardcore assholes from Pisek city. Lovely metal thrashing guitar riffs. This split EP is coming with colour drawing cover made by bassist of LAHAR {he is a tattoo artist} and inside of cover you can find a huge scene report from South Bohemia Area in english as well. The bands that the Lahar band covered are GRIDE, TELEX, SERIOUS MUSIC, RAT FACE, RABIES. Their sound is like a Hellnation/Yacopsae/Opstand style. GIRDEPHONE vs. LAHARPHONE friendship forever