Saturday, 28 August 2010

LAHAR / THE SHINING split 7"EP {dead 013}

LAHAR - three brand new traks of the best current fastcore/thrash czech band from Pisek with two members of crazy thrash'80 metal band called Radiolokator. if you are fan of the fastcore legends like a Hellnation/Crossed Out/Yacopsae you will love their new songs sound. absolutly destruction and they are preparing a new songs for another record - split LP w/another czech band called Stolen Lives.  

THE SHINING - The Amsterdam isn't just a city of legal Cofffee shops and cheap cheeky girls, but this is a hometown of cult thrash metalic gangsters called The Shining. this is a band of my dreams - totally crazy godfuckers. their sound's inspirated by C.O.C./Accused/Attitude Adjustment. their five new tracks are great tasting before their first one-side LP and USA tour.