Saturday, 28 August 2010

LYCANTHROPHY / SAY WHY? split heavy white 12"LP {dead 005}

the LYCANTHROPHY freaks have been killing me by their last records from excellent split EP w/GRIDE. And right now we are fuckin glad to introduce to you a new eight fuckin fast and furious tracks plus cover song by Siege "Conform" as well. The most typical item of this band has been female barking vox like from the horror movies from 70ties and huge hammers. The hailing in vein of classic power-violence/grind bands Crossed Out, Despise You, DropDead or Yacopsae. They are probably the best growing current czech fast band with amaizing sound from great Shaark studio. SAY WHY? after their debut split w/D.H.I.B.A.C. the Dead Heroes Bros is decided to put out another stuff of this young spastic loud group. They are going to be awesome band with great potential. They are back from their first European tour with Lycanthrophy across Germany, France, Holland, UK a few months ago. Nine *play fast or die* tracks are recorded at Sopa studio. The vinyl is coming on ultra heavy (180g) white opaque asphalt and interesting art collage cover with Statue of liberty. Capitalist Casualties / Fubar or old records by Gride fans must be enthusiactic from production of Say Why?