Saturday, 28 August 2010

SHEEVAYOGA / DISNEY? split gatefold 12"LP {dead 008}

SHEEVAYOGA are our favourite czech fast-core band and the argument of that has been originality and make a experiments with many kinds of musics. We put out under the our previous label "Drugs kill your mind" some of their stuff many years ago. /first time on our second release ever – tape D.I.Y. compilation called Common Life I. with a tons of cool czech bands Disney? included as well. after that split EP w/More Bad New and now this split LP/. I've got a their cover songs CD "Heartothegue" on my birthday and Im fucking glad to own this records /covers by Guyana Punch Line, From Ashes Rise, Telefon, 7 Minutes of Nausea, Mexican Power Authority, Beasty Boys, Spazz or Napalm Death/. Ex Social Deformity, Disney?, Coconut Buldozer and more bands from the capital of steel city Ostrava in Czech repulbic, mountainboarding fast-core exhibition with excellent instrumentalists. DISNEY? ex memebers of SheevaYoga "Fido-guitar/vox" and "Skulda-bassguitar,vox" with another guys play tötålly dis-bêåt mägël crûstcörë with huge Swedish and Finish influence and lyrics original in Scandinavian languages about fucking drunk shits as well. Rum not Bombs deviants also covering SkitSystem, Victims, Hastr, etc. The super art-work made by three different designers and coloured wax.