Sunday, 29 August 2010

SLAP IT DOWN newsletter/minizin

"british edition no.II" 20 pages A5 format (pro-printed by Footprint workers co-operative)

- new issue of my scene newsletter is out now,
contains these following items:
TORN APART band profile {power-violence from Leeds}
JOE PESCI band profile {ultra fast grind-core from Newcastle}
BLACK SISTER {thrash-metal from Glasgow} & STEP ON IT {old school hardore/thrash from Budapest} Ireland & Scotland tour report
WHOLE IN THE HEAD {anarcho d-beat thrash mayhem from Southhampton} band profile
VALHALLA PACIFISTS {thrash-punk from Leeds} & THE SHINING {thrash-metal from Amsterdam} UK weekender report
HALLO BASTARDS {fast thrash XXX crust-punk from London} band profile
LESSON NO.1 collective {gig promoter team based in the Cardiff} profile
THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN {fast grind-core/power-violence from Leeds} band profile
JESUS BRUISER {anarcho squat crust-punk from Bristol} band profile
BASTARD SQUAD collective {gig promoter team based in the Bristol} profile
RIMBAUD RECORDS {independent hardcore/punk label from Ireland} profile
+ small hardcore/punk UK labels/bands guide
& couple reviews