Saturday, 28 August 2010

SUFFERING MIND / WOJTYLA split 7"EP {dead 015}

SUFFERING MIND - old school grindcore/crust leading a female awesome voice with Antichrist & People Hate members based in Lublin, Poland for Phobia/Insect Warfare/Disrupt/Dystopia fans, another two great splits are coming soon such as split 7"EP w/czech ultra fast violence grinders Lycanthrophy and split 12"LP w/grindcore metal punks from Colorado Asshammer {ex Catheter/Capitalist Casualties members} vs. WOJTYLA - grinding crust-punk violence coming from Brealau, Poland in vein of legendary bands like a Extreme Noise Terror/Code 13/Assuck. Their previous split w/Unholy Grave is really a proof of quality this band.