Saturday, 28 August 2010

v/a SEKEC MAZEC IV. compilation 7"EP {dead 004}

………another issue of this legendary 7"EPs collection of Czech/Slovakian bands which has made by Steby {the percussionist of the "Pangs of Remorse" band} like a compilation of a couple of small D.I.Y. labels. The most of consisting bands are playing "fast, short and loud" style of hardcore. The bands on vol. IV are KOBRA XI {finally at the "Dead Heroes" stable} thrash-core/grind like a Monster X / Charles Bronson}, BALACLAVA {vegan straight edge animal rights band, mix of classic 80s hardcore with cool metallic riffs}, RABIES {fuckin awesome thrashing fast-core in vein of the 625thrashcore label is records}, IDIOTS PARADE {probably one of the best from current Slovakian fast-core bands with female vocal. The sound like Crossed Out.}, SPES EREPTA {vegan straight edge crusty hardcore like World burns to death or Severed head of state with members of Balaclava, Lakme and Dread 101}, COCONUT BULLDOZER {new project of SheevaYoga/Disney! members with Jason Flower, ex member of Mexican Power Authority or Third World Planet, who are living in Poland right now}.