Sunday, 15 May 2011

SHORT FAST & LOUD fanzine no. 24 + comp. 10" wax

Short, Fast & Loud # 24 - ten year Anniversary issue w/ 10” compilation vinyl and zine, rippers from Larm, Coke Bust, Voetsek, Lack Of Interest, Seein Red, Brutal Truth, Extortion, Superbad, Noisear, Catheter, Enemies Of Inertia, Brodys Militia, Wasteoid, Pretty Little Flower, Slight Slappers, Street Pizza, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation, Conquest For Death, Torture Unit, Total Fucking Destruction, Gride {Czech} and Lahar {Czech} !!!

New issue contains these following interviews:

ERIC WOOD {Bastard Noise} - one of the most influental artists to inspire the writers and readers of this fanzine
CHRIS DODGE {Spazz, Slap A Ham label, Stikky,...etc} as the guys who started this fanzine 10 years ago, legendary person!!!
COMPLETED EXPOSITION {Japanese power-violence madness}
+ columns, reviews, Gimme 5, Mosh of ass and more .....

price: £9 + shipping

I decided to start selling this amazing fast-core/grind fanzine in the UK {especially in South Wales, Cardiff}, so if anyone wants a copy of this 10 year anniversary issue with awesome compilation on 10" wax please just let me know. You can also pick a magazine up in Cardiff {in person}. No problem,. don't waste your money for fuckin expensive royal mail rates.

By the way Atomçk freaks are going to take all of my copies on their upcoming "Grind Over Matter" European tour 2011 w/Atrocity Exhibit, that's starting at the Unicorn, London, England w/ Cthulhu Youth + Gout {18.5.2011} don't miss it dudes.

Ave guys, ondra & dead heroes label