Friday, 7 December 2012

v/a BRNO STALE V PLAMENECH local raw punk compilation 12"LP {dead 029}

This masterpiece's gonna be released precisely for an annual Killed by Brno fest, which takes a place at the Vegalite restaurant {Brno} on Friday 14th. There will be two special stages operated by See You In Hell and Tummo bands. 

The next day this dirty madness will move onto another rad underground club called Yacht. It's known that this place has been a mother ship of Moravian hardcore/punk community for more than 10 years. As you all know there will be massive common vegetarian/vegan feast organized by United Crusties and Food not Bombs I guess. One of the most exciting point of this event that this dinner is based on the principles run by volunteers. Everyone who wants to try a taste of this amazing veggie cuisine is welcome. The best way how to enjoy it is to bring your own meal and give an opportunity to others to taste and share all meals together.

Let's talk back about the compilation. All bands are strongly connected to second biggist city of the Czech Republic BRNO - 6MAS {a long-time running crust/grindcore, debut 12"LP was released recently}, BOY {brand-new punkrock bands feat. members of Mad Pigs / Die Hards}, BOMBATÖLCSÉR {czech-hungarian crustcore band situated close to Brno}, FESTA DESPERATO {one of the best czech rawpunk/crust hardcore band ever, ex Mrtva Budoucnost}, INTRUDERSS {Statl hardcore punk}, MAC GYVER {other long-time running punk band from Brno}, MAD PIGS {street punk band with Voltage shop's owner inspirated by Japanese bands}, MIDNATT DÖD {new crust/d-beat band from Eastern Moravia with legendary Ciko - ex Mrtva Budoucnost}, MORSA {all star crust/hardcore w/members of Age of Death, Reakce na Zmenu, Festa Desperato, Pripyat & Bombatölcsér}, RISPOSTA {the best current crust/d-beat band from Brno}, SEE YOU IN HELL {nippon raw punk}, SUMO {crust punk nihilists}, TUMMO {stoner/dark hardcore band, ex See you in hell, Gospel of the Future, Space to Being, Ema Camelia or More Bad News} and last but not least band on compilation is V DOBĚ MORU {crust-grind based on local fuckers}. 

The vinyl compilation's coming with a huge 84pages A4 booklet. Each band was interviewed recently so you will come across with 14 interviews + super actual scene report from Brno written by Filip {See you in hell's guitarist} + infos about 12 involved labels. I agree that this's an excellent chance for foreign punxs to learn more about Moravian raw-punk scene specially in Brno and around.    


Saturday, 22 September 2012


Neluz is mixing the new songs! Raw as shit! hope to post some on the bandcamp soon! Coming very soon debut 12inch and the split with Posuido Pelo Cao! 

For more then 10 retarded years the Shining from Amsterdam have been at it with that loud and fast blend of hardcore, metal and punk. Taking most inspiration from the classic crossover genre of the late 80ies the band has been compared to bands like DRI, Attitude Adjustment, Accused, Crumbsuckers and countless others. The Shining has released a whole bunch of records, 7inches and such. Over the past 10 years they have shared the stage with bands like DRI, Accused, Wehrmacht, Life Sentence, Municipal Waste, Systematic Death, Direct Control and many more! There have been countless degenerated tours on their own as well with brothers in blik Citizens Patrol, Scheisse Minnelli and Waking the Dead. These tour saw them wake up hungo ver in over 14 countries. Currently the band is ready for another eurotour, new records and a tour of Brazil this fall!

1 November-12 November 2012 : BRAZIL tour! 

Added 4 new songs to the band camp! feel free to check them out and let us know what you think!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN "Power Joogle Pogger" 10"MLP + full-colored T-shirt (special combo set)

Now after Play fast or don't fest we're coming with hot offer for all The Afternoon Gentlemen fans. it's a special combo set of new 10"MLP "Power Joogle Pogger Violence" colored vinyl + full-colored quality t-shirt (Fruit of the Loom). so if you're interested in it go to

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


The spirit of power violence is back! Golden ages of Slap a Ham and bands like Spazz or No Comment are being revived by number of killer US bands - one of these bands is BACKSLIDER ! This 2-piece power violence unit from Philadelphia plays pv assault in the veins of Lack of Interest, only much faster and more intense. They toured US a few times, released great records (i.e. split 7“ w/Chainsaw to the face) and they have a new 10“ to be released by Six Weeks Records. Play fast!!!

One of the best bands on the current fastcore scene ! These dudes are coming from Leeds and play mixture of fastcore, grindcore and power violence with classic sludge interludes...They have a couple of interesting records released on RSR or Give Praise record labels and there's a new split EP with Chiens and Cyborg (Weekend Nachos members project). On tour in Europe for several times, toured US with Weekend Nachos. Short, fast and loud!

18/7 - Leeds UK, Fox + Newt - w/Powercup + Pizza Hi-Five
19/7 - Nottingham UK, Old Angel - w/Powercup + Pizza Hi-Five
20/7 - London UK, Grosvenor - w/Powercup + Pizza Hi-Five
21/7 - Eindhoven NL, The Rambler - w/Makta Teresa
22/7 - Nancy FR, Totem - w/Chiens
23/7 - Biel CH, Schrottbar
24/7 - Freiburg DE, venue tbc
25/7 - Weimar DE, Wunderbar - w/Turbokreig
26/7 - Prague CZ, Cross Club - w/Beton
27/7 - PLAY FAST OR DON'T - Hradec Kraklove, CZ
28/7 - PLAY FAST OR DON'T - Hradec Kraklove, CZ
29/7 - Leipzig DE, Zoro - w/Graf Orlock
30/7 - Ashford UK, Downtown Diner - w/Coke Bust + Sick Fix

THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN "Power Joogle Pogger Violence" colored 10" MLP {dead 25}

Leeds' worst racket-mongers are back again, this time with a 10" for their summer tour. 'PJPV' collects the tracks from the TAG/Chiens and TAG/Suffering Mind split 7"s, along with 8 minutes of unreleased material from the same sessions, making a total of 16 tracks in 16 minutes. Artwork comes courtesy of the mighty Pogger Jord once again This release comes on clear blue vinyl and is limited to 500 copies, available from Active Rebellion and Dead Heroes Bros, as well as from the band themselves. The vinyl will be ready for Play fast or don't fest in Czech republic.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Like the bastard child of Infest and Agnostic Front, WEEKEND NACHOS signature brand of thick, tarry sludge breakdowns,punishing low-end has gained seen the Illinois four-piece release discs through legendary US powerviolence labels DEEP SIX and COWABUNGA since forming in 2004. Following a contribution to 'THIS COMP KILLS FASCISTS', the powerviolence and grindcore compilation curated by AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and PIG DESTROYER mastermind Scott Hull, our floor-punching hellions signed up with RELAPSE for 2009's savage full-length 'UNFORGIVABLE' and 2011's 'WORTHLESS'. Prepare for some serious grooves, WEEKEND NACHOS will get you kicking up the Battlefield gravel at OBSCENE EXTREME 2O12, too, with their brand of heavy-as-hell powerviolence/hardcore.
Weekend Nachos is a band from Dekalb, IL formed in 2004. The original lineup was John Hoffman, Adam Inverted, Ron and Andyzarian. Currently, the only remaining original members are John, the vocalist, and Andy on guitar. They are comprised now of Juan Ciudado, Byron Leuders on drums, Andy, and Drew Brown on bass. Thus far they have released the Torture EP (on John's label Tooth Decay Records), a split with Chronic Bleeding Syndrome entitled It's A Wonderful Life (on Force Fed Records), Punish and Destroy (an LP on Cowabunga Records), Unforgivable (an LP on Deep Six Records), Bleed (an EP on Relapse Records) and Worthless (an LP on Deep Six Records).

 - two awesome vinyls will be ready for this tour, an american heroes Weekend Nachos will carry their brand-new split 7"EP with Lack of Interest which was released by Deep Six Records just a couple weeks ago and The Afternoon Gentlemen will get ready their coloured 10" which will be put out in co-operation of TAGs, Active Rebellion records {Irenas label} and Dead Heroes Bros. If you wanna get a copy don't want and let us know via email:
We still carry some last copies of TAGs previous records, split with Chiens {France} and OSK {Canada}   
Shoot the Bastard - fast as hell grind featuring members of The Afternoon Gentlemen, thrashy and brutal an aneurysm of a band, for fans of Infest, Repulcion or Merciless Precision.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


89 gig's,
64 months,
53 songs,
9 countries,
7 members,
4 recordings,
2 split records,
1 full lenght,
1 demo,
it's time to end waking the dead.

They had a blast, but it's time for a new chapter.

Thanks everyone for their support and help.

They play yet 3 Dutch gigs,

24th of Febuary Zoetermeer,
25th of February Hengelo
3rd of March their last gig in Amsterdam.
Details will follow.

Again, thanx everyone for the help and support, it was a great chapter for the deadarea thrash. cheers.