Thursday, 3 May 2012


Like the bastard child of Infest and Agnostic Front, WEEKEND NACHOS signature brand of thick, tarry sludge breakdowns,punishing low-end has gained seen the Illinois four-piece release discs through legendary US powerviolence labels DEEP SIX and COWABUNGA since forming in 2004. Following a contribution to 'THIS COMP KILLS FASCISTS', the powerviolence and grindcore compilation curated by AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and PIG DESTROYER mastermind Scott Hull, our floor-punching hellions signed up with RELAPSE for 2009's savage full-length 'UNFORGIVABLE' and 2011's 'WORTHLESS'. Prepare for some serious grooves, WEEKEND NACHOS will get you kicking up the Battlefield gravel at OBSCENE EXTREME 2O12, too, with their brand of heavy-as-hell powerviolence/hardcore.
Weekend Nachos is a band from Dekalb, IL formed in 2004. The original lineup was John Hoffman, Adam Inverted, Ron and Andyzarian. Currently, the only remaining original members are John, the vocalist, and Andy on guitar. They are comprised now of Juan Ciudado, Byron Leuders on drums, Andy, and Drew Brown on bass. Thus far they have released the Torture EP (on John's label Tooth Decay Records), a split with Chronic Bleeding Syndrome entitled It's A Wonderful Life (on Force Fed Records), Punish and Destroy (an LP on Cowabunga Records), Unforgivable (an LP on Deep Six Records), Bleed (an EP on Relapse Records) and Worthless (an LP on Deep Six Records).

 - two awesome vinyls will be ready for this tour, an american heroes Weekend Nachos will carry their brand-new split 7"EP with Lack of Interest which was released by Deep Six Records just a couple weeks ago and The Afternoon Gentlemen will get ready their coloured 10" which will be put out in co-operation of TAGs, Active Rebellion records {Irenas label} and Dead Heroes Bros. If you wanna get a copy don't want and let us know via email:
We still carry some last copies of TAGs previous records, split with Chiens {France} and OSK {Canada}   
Shoot the Bastard - fast as hell grind featuring members of The Afternoon Gentlemen, thrashy and brutal an aneurysm of a band, for fans of Infest, Repulcion or Merciless Precision.