Sunday, 24 March 2013

THE SHINING "Rise of the Degenerates" debut 12"LP {dead 030}

After being together for more than ten years, as many tours and countless 7”es, splits and cd’s here is the new LP by the Shining. The album "Rise of the Degeneates" offers 11 tracks of unrelenting crossover inlcuding one cover, “Rules”, of Hollands own BGK. The lyrics deal with the social issues, religion and drug(ab)use. The sound is somewhere in between the crossover, hardcore and metal of the mid to late 80ies. Think of bands like the Accused, DRI, Slayer, BGK etc.

The album is being released on four continents by 10 different labels. Those labels include: Pick Up records (Holland), Darcytrash records (Holland), Dead Heroes (Czech Republic), Just 4 Fun (Sweden), Farce Attack (France), Off Side (France), Crew For Life (Japan), Give Praise (USA), Flipped Up (Hungary) and Rock Mutantos (Brasil). In true DIY Fashion the album was, for the greatest part, self recorded, engineered and mixed by our drummer Nils who also managed to draw the front cover.

The record consists of the following 11 tracks: Side A: 1 Degenerates, 2 No Hammer Big enough, 3 Crucifiction, 4 Never Sign Up, 5 Managers, 6 Rules (BGK) & Side B: 1 Chemical Prophet, 2 Drug Money, 3 Hounds of War, 4 Grown Up in Conflict, 5 Firetrucks on Fire.

Recently the band completed a tour of Brasil and currently has shows coming up in Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Czech Republic including the “play fast or don’t fest” this summer. Another European tour is planned for this fall.