Thursday, 1 August 2013


There are two new t-shirts produced by dead heroes label. Both of them are pretty close to our label activities. The first one is an anti-automobilism design "the lycans are crashing cars" of legendary czech D.I.Y. ultra fastcore / grind violence band called LYCANTHROPHY. I reckon that all grind-core fans know what band I am talking about. We are also participating on their new split 7"EP w/french fastcore masters CHIENS which is gonna be released pretty soon. The artwork has to be done  and we will be ready to send everything to the pressing plant. Unfortunately the vinyl and the cover/inlay are gonna be manufactured at the same time/place so we have to wait till everything's done.


The Lycanthrophy has also informed their fans about their future plans. Their band schedule has been overcrowed by upcoming releases - split EP w/THE KILL {Australia}, BLOODY PHOENIX {usa}, PHOBIA {usa}, split 5" w/NEEDFUL THINGS. Lycanthrophy / Needful Things European tour in September 2013. USA tour with french fastcore masters CHIENS is in plan. So keep your eyes on their webside -  

price - 250kc / 10euro / £8 + shipping