Thursday, 1 August 2013

v/a COMMUNAL GRAVE compilation 10"MLP + 84 pages fanzine 7"EP format {dead 031}

The first issue of brand new power-violence / grind / punk / thrashcore fanzine includes interviews w/THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN {booze-core from UK}, CONTROLLED EXISTENCE {new grind-violence massacre from Czech Republic}, VILE INTENT {great D.I.Y. power-violence from Canada}, PRUGELKNABE {raw power-violence duo from Czech Republic, ex SheevaYoga}, GETS WORSE {heavy power-violence from UK, ex Gents}, THE SHINING {incredibly good thrash-core/crossover from Holland}, BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA {thrashy fast-punk madness from USA, ex Makai}, MANGLE {sludge power-violence from UK}, huge USA tour report from common Weekend Nachos/Gents trip 2011, Waking the Dead / D.F.C. brazilian tour report 2011 and more ....

COMMUNAL GRAVE 10"MLP compilation with all interviewed bands
side A -
Controlled Existence
Gets Worse
Black Hole of Calcutta

side B -
Vile Intent
The Shining