Monday, 28 October 2013

SAY WHY? / SHEEVAYOGA split 10" {dead 032}

This is a brand-new split 10" of extremely active SHEEVAYOGA guys vs. not so much known but an amazing fast-core band from Pardubice {Czech Republic} SAY WHY?. You can expect pretty fast stuff only.
SHEEVAYOGA - After releasing their debut 12"LP "Svet ten cert vem" {} and another great split 7"EP w/Kumura from Slovakia, there are coming with eight new tracks in the new line-up, a brand-new member of the band is a solo vocalist Jirka. Skulda {a bassist of the band} has invited an awesome quest for this recording session, a guy from Singapore Glenn, a driver / merch monkey of many South Asia D.I.Y. tours. This gonna be an absolutely great great release. You must simply check them out at least on their bandcamp if not on the stage or this bloody wax !!
SAY WHY? another legendary czech fast-core band which is coming back from the grave - a long-length of stagnation/hiatus.
What I have heard this is the last 7 tracks of their funeral speech and I have to say will definitely missed them a lot. You might know them from their former releases a split 7"EP w/D.H.I.B.A.C. from France {Dead Heroes release}, a split 12"LP w/Lycanhtrophy from Czech and also split 7"EP w/Idiots Parade from Slovakia. All top fast-core records - you should also check them out.

I'm carrying a limited number of copies, so I recommed to place an order quickly. Don't worry about expensive shipping I will post a parcel from Cardiff {South Wales, UK} or there is also an option to pick the wax up at some fast/grindcore gigs in Bristol.