Saturday, 2 November 2013

huge DEAD HEROES distro update

there are some new items in our distro - stocked in the czech republic
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440 EP- extreme maximal brutal grindcore Florida (Usa) 
A PAGE OF PUNK_WEREWOLVES ON MOTORCYCLES SPLIT EP – 13 tracks attack of Japan easy fast punk thrash on split  with  England fast old hc punk 
AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE - RELIEF LP  - Extreme fast powerviolence band from Australia new album 
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED_CROM  SPLIT EP   - Brutal grindcore from Springfield (Usa ) they have a split LP with Despise you and on this ep with Crom (despise you members) grind metal mayhem 
BACKSLIDER - Concequences  10"  - new material of powerviolence drum and bass duo from Pensylvania (Usa) 
BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA_RECIKLAJE SPLIT EP -  Excellent split between Peruvian dark D-beaters and US powerviolence grind 
BOILING POINT - NEW EP LIMITED EDITION – Slovakian oldschool hc mixed thrashcore. New material in limited edition. Bands like Limp wrist 
BRUTAL TRUTH_SOB SPLIT EP  - Brutal Truth is an American grindcore band from New York City here materiál from Japan on split with  Japan hc punk mixed thrashcore, materiál from 1995, rare records 
CAPITALIST CASUALTIES - Disassembly line LP - Re-issue of the long lost CC LP on Slap-a-Ham from 1992. Head bashing thrash before it was trendy, this LP laid the groundwork for an onslaught of extreme hardcore band in the 90’s. 21 atomic detonations of early power violence, not seen or heard in 10 years. 
CAPITALIST CASUALTIES_MAN IS THE BASTARD SPLIT LP – extreme hc powerviolence both band from California (Usa) reissue record from 1994 
CIVIL OLYDNAD EP – Hardcore punk from Goteborg (Swe) 
COKE BUST - Confined LP -  new material of this straight powerviolence hc  from Washington 
COKE BUST_VACCINE SPLIT EP -  straight powerviolence hc  from Washington on split with Massachusetts powerviolence hc 
COMPLETED EXPOSITION_EXTORTION SPLIT EP – Osaka (Jap) fastcore powerviolence like Slight Slappers, Fuck on the beach on split with  Melbourne Australian fastcore 
CRAOST EP – Young Blood of D.I.Y. thrashcore band from czech 
DEAD CHURCH_SUFFERING MIND SPLIT 5EP – Canadian death metal grind on split with Polland grindcore machine 
DEATH TRIPPER_MEAT PACKER SPLIT EP  - split two bands from England. D.T. – is violence grindcore mixed sludge. M.P. – fastcore grind, they have other split with MANGLE 
DESPISE YOU - WESTSIDE HORIZONS LP – Discography of this legendary powerviolence band from Usa - 62 songs. almost everything we did between 94-96, except the possessed to skate lp tracks, and a couple slap a ham/bovine/deep 6 compilation tracks. 
DISSENT_TURBOKRIEG SPLIT LP - Brutal split out of Houston (Usa). Dissent plays heavy metallic crust in the vein of Extinction of Mankind, Hellbastard, or Doom. Turbokrieg play Repulsion influenced thrashy grind. The bands have members of each other as well as PLF, Insect Warfare, 50/50, War Master, Nibiru, Machine Gun Romantics and a billion other heavy bands. Get this if you are a fan of the gulf coast grindcore / hardcore scene. 
ENEMY SOIL - Fractured theology  LP – reissue of this legendary Japan extreme fast grindcore, originally released on Profane existence in 1998 
FALSE LIGHT EP – brutal diy powerviolence grind from Charleston Virginia (Usa) 
FAST - I dont care about your shit EP – Hungarian fastcore mixed  hcpunk 
FEASTEM - A VARITIA HUMANAE NEW LP – ultra brutal power grindcore mixed punk from Finland 
FILTHPACT_SUFFERING FUCK SPLIT mLP – Scotland power grindcore mixed crust on split with England grind powerviolence hc punk 
FINAL DRAFT - West world order LP - After a 7" and 2 split 7"es, Grindcore gods of Inglewood to produce a full length with some fierce and raw blasting-violence not unlike DESPISE YOU. Inglewood's self-proclaimed deathcore band is back, this time with much cleaner recordings of much more pissed off mega-fast hardcore. Angry, fast. Watch out, these guys will creep up and destroy you. "Inglewood, Inglewood, always up to no good." 17 tracks incl. a SPAZZ cover. (Usa) 
INSECT WARFARE_HATRED SURGE SPLIT EP – Texas grindcore unit powerviolence, classic split extreme 
HCP - 1989 LP - H.C.P. stands for Hard Core Poznań, active shortly in the years 1988-1989 but important for exploding DIY hardcore scene in Poland of the late 80s. It is a document which enhances the heritage of the new hard core wave in Poland which appeared in this period . H.C.P was the first band from this new crop of bands which managed to do a vinyl release, thanks to the Swiss label Resistance Productions. It is these songs from the legendary “Anti Drugs" EP as well as the songs originally released on the split tapes with Chaos and Apatia, appeared on their discography "Positive State of Mentality 1989" LP. All in all, 19 songs of fast and aggressive hardcore punk (or as they were called back in those days – HC/Thrash) with lyrics dealing with the dawn of the communist system in Poland, with state violence, militarism, nuclear energy or growing neo-fascism. 
HEAD CLEANER Days of Wrath EP – brutal death metal mixed grindcore from Greece 
HENRY FONDA EP – D.I.Y. fast powerviolence grind from Berlin (Ger) 
HIBAKUSHA - PANDORA - NEW LP – new album of this legendary grind hc from czech 
HOLIER THAN THOU  You cant have LP - This band, along with bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, D.F.A and CRUCIAL UNIT, started the resurgence of American crossover thrash in the early 2000, this is final record. 
CHEVIN_HUFFIN PAINT SPLIT EP – easy straight hc powerviolence from Dresden (Ger) on split with Nothinghem powerviolence thrashcore (UK) 
IDIOTS PARADE RIP 5EP – last material of this Slovakian powerviolence legend and more bonus track  cover of legendary slovakian  Maso band 
INHUMAN POISON ST EP – Greece band plays violence hardcore punk  like Ekkaia 
JACKALS - Everyday fabric EP – harsh hardcore mixed powerviolence from UK 
KULMA_HOW LONG SPLIT LP – K. –is very interesting band from Ostrava(Cze), members of Sheeva yoga but in this band mixed scandi hc crust with fast hardcore on split with veterans of Czech crust punk band, vinyl in total D.I.Y. ideas 
LAHAR - OBĚTI DOBY LP – first lp of this band which played fastcore mixed fast hardcore punk , but now  is  this band more thrash metal  therefore is this lp rare 
LOS REZIOS - Clarificacion LP -  New material of this lagends of hc punk from Peru 
LOTUS FUCKER - Forever my fighting spirit LP - Lotus Fucker is a four piece band from Washington DC/Baltimore Maryland who formed in 2010. Lotus Fucker play a raw, ugly, and visceral style of noise damaged hardcore/punk influenced by bands such as Gauze, Terveet Kadet, Wretched, LipCream, and Confuse 
MAKABERT FYND_FEAR OF EXTINCTION SPLIT EP – Swedish agresive hc punk on split with Czech D- beat young blood 
MANGLE_BITE DOWN  SPLIT EP - Sludge / Fastcore from Uk Fastcore Powerviolence from Belgium 
MANGLE_MEAT PACKER SPLIT EP – two powerviolence bands from UK 
MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS - Poetry of the damned LP – after the death of this band is out now non realise material of this classic metalic crust from Otrokovice (Czech) 
MESRINE_ENTRAILS MASSACRE SPLIT EP – classic fight of grindcore bands. First M. legends from canadas power grind on second page is veteran brutal fast grind band from Germany 
NAPALM DEATH- CONCERT TOKYO 1989 EP – rare material of this England legend of  grindcore 
NOISE COMPLAINT_FUCK OFF AND THRASH SPLIT EP – power thrash core split bands from England 
PASKUDA_JAKUBYSKO SPLIT LP – Slovakian split of hc band influence grindcore 
PLF - Devious Persecution  LP – new full lenght material of this powerviolence grindcore from Texas (Usa) 
PLF_CYNESS SPLIT EP – one of any split of this grindcore from Usa on second side German crust core 
PLUTOCRACY - Sniping pigz LP - Plutocracy was a grindcore band from Redwood City, CA and a major player in the West Bay (Northern California) underground fast music scene. They existed from 1988-1993 and then reformed in 1998 to record this album to honor former bass player Dan "Zodiac Killer" Hogan who had sadly passed. This is a long-awaited re-pressing of this album, unfortunately following the death of another of the band's grindfathers 
PROSPERITY DENIED_SIX SCORE SPLIT LP Death metal hardcore thrash on split with fast grindcore band both from Austria 
ROT IN HELL_HORDERS SPLIT EP  - New material of this England terror hardcore punk on split with ambient metal mixed noise from Texas (Usa) 
SANDOKHAN_KRUPSKAYA SPLIT LP - fastcore vs. grindcore from Germany,with keitzer member 
SE MUSTARD TERRORISTS EP – German noise punk terrorist 
SENSELLES APOCALYPSE - UNPOLLUTED LP – brutal japan fastcore grind, originaly released in Japan in 2008 
SIDETRACKED - GAZ66INTRUSION SPLIT EP - Powerviolence/fastcore burst in NO COMMENT/CROSSED OUT  from America. Gaz-66intrusion from the Ukraine (named after a Soviet 4x4 truck designed in 1962) they are back with 6 straight forward blasting fastcore/grindcore attacks + a classic CROSSED OUT cover. 
SMD_CHOOSE YOUR POISON SPLIT EP – fast hc thrash punk with excelent vocal from Los Angeles (Usa) on split with Appleton (usa)thrash core 
SUFFERING FUCK_MANGLE SPLIT EP – grind punk hc powerviolence  on split with brutal powerviolence grind both from England 
THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMAN_CYBORG SPLIT EP – England brutal powerviolence grindcore on split with  Cyborg from Chicago (Usa) These guys also play in WEEKEND NACHOS, but here they stick to the Powerviolence sound like the earlier W.N. releases, hardcore punk smashers between crude 90s fastcore and maniac grindcore. INFEST, SPAZZ and CROSSED OUT 
THE DAY MAN LOST - PIECES OF SHIT EP – brutal straight powerviolence from England 
TRIAC_DOC SPLIT LP - Triac/D.o.C. - split Lp - :Baltimore’s TRIAC blast through 5 tracks of furious blasting grindcore, after a bunch of 7"es and a 3 way Lp,here are some new blasts with a new singer features members of Hatewaves, Blower, Jesus of Nazareth.... Disciples of Christ features Members of Magrudergrind, Coke Bust, Sick Fix, and Juice Time do it noisier/filthier and a bit more power violence oriented, which sounds like something that would have come from the West Bay circa 1995. A mix of sludge, grind, and powerviolence. 
WAKE - False LP – Brutal fast grindcore mixed punk from Canada 
YACOPSAE - EINSTWEILIGE VERNICHTUNG LP – reissue of this legendary album of German ultra speed powerviolence grindcore, original on Slap a Ham rec (usa) 
YACOPSAE - Krank ist normal EP – remastered  with new sound first ep of this German power grindcore legend

D.O.C. (Disciples of christ) ep demo – extreme powerviolence grindcore  Washington (Usa)
SEX PRISONER st ep – brutal powerviolence hc  Tucson Arizona (Usa)
THE KILL_WHITE EYES split 5ep – Australian answer to PLF, brutal grindcore mayhem on split with German  insane blasting grindcore
CHIENS – 10Mlp Vultures are our Future – brutal powerviolence grind from Nanacy (France)
SIX BREW BANTHA st lp – extreme powerviolence mixed punk and noise from Victoria (Canada)
THE KILL  Make em suffer lp – brutal grindcore from Melbourne (Australia) like Insect Warfare,PLF
XBRAINIAX Deprogrammed gatefold lp – cult fastcore powerviolence from Michigan (Usa)
VILE INTENT  In the shadow of the skul ep – first ep of brutal powerviolence from Montral (Canada) like Crossed out
VILE INTENT  Skin in the game – second ep of this Canadian brutal powerviolence
DAHMER_MESRINE split ep -  split ep of two legends of  fast grindcore from Quebec (Canada)
GRIDE_TURBOKRIEG split 6ep – Legenday brutal fast grindcore from Czech on new split with american grind thrash from Huston (members of Insect Warfare,PLF, Dissent)
AGATHOCLES from grey to black lp – legendary mince core from Belgium. Extreme horror grind / cyber punk
FETUS EATERS manticore lp - 28 tracks of sarcasm, blast beats, inside jokes, spastic screaming, razor sharp riffing, neologism / word smithing, genre blending, and their trademark use of noise! Grind dech (Usa)
CONTROLLED EXISTENCE_ALEA IACTA EST split ep – crazy fast grindcore massacre with female vocal from Czech answer on Insect Warfare,on split with slovakian extreme grind crust
GET DESTROYED  Burnt Offerings ep - fresh injection for the term "Power Violence". 8 fast tempo and down-tuned songs. Short, angry, violent and non-metallic tunes. Real HC/PV in the vein of INFEST Arizona (Usa)
ARTCORE ZINE 31+ep – legendary hc punk fanzine from UK a part of this new isue is split ep  VIOLENT ARREST / ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS. This zine started on 1986.
GETS WORSE negative ep – excellent powerviolence from Leeds (Uk) members from The Afternoon gentleman band and new ep  recorded 2013.
GETS WORSE 10Mlp – oldest material of very good powerviolence from Leeds (Uk), one of the best band from europe at this moment. Excellent show on Play fast or dont festival this year
PLF crushing fury of bastardization lp - Until the 2007 full-length "Pulverizing Lethal Force" the band was called Pretty Little Flower. With that album they changed it to the acronym, which now stands for "Pulverizing Lethal Force". This lp is collection of songs from 2008.Brutal extréme fast grind (Usa)