Sunday, 18 May 2014

HORSEBASTARD ''Giraffetermath'' 10''MLP

Blast beats, canabanoids, the endless monotony of life, humanity's capacity for self destruction from Liverpool, UK. 14 ridden bullets of blasting grindcore fastness bonused by some metalic riffs ... a lots of influence from such great bands as Excruciating Terror, Narcosis or Discordance Axis.

HorseBastard guys are crushing our ears also in Ocksen, Reth {r.i.p.}, Confine, Corrupt Moral Altar, etc .....
Give a shout to the band for a copy on their UK tour in may.

1.Fear Of Circles 00:45
2.Polydactyl 00:14
3.Vogon Poetry 00:27
4.Solid Grade 00:40
5.Mid Life Crisiscore 00:52
6.Uncles Of The Champion Sandwich 00:31
7.Shin Kicker 00:36
8.God Is An Awful Human 00:57
9.Suppository Soundscapes 01:11
10.Veterans Of Future Wars 00:51
11.No Reponse 00:29
12.Christpipe 00:36
13.Giraffetermath 01:12
14.None Shall Pass 01:23

Recorded by us Feb. 2013 upstairs @ Drop The Dumbells Liverpool.

Guitars re-amped by Tom Dring (Vagrant Studios)

Artwork courtesy of Golden Harvest Industries