Monday, 19 May 2014

WATER TORTURE ''Collection'' 12''LP

A 56-track discog for this powerviolence/grind mob out now via Dead Heroes. It features tracks from their splits with Thedowngoing, Six Brew Bantha, Sea Of Shit, Corrupt Bastards, HIRS, Suffering Mind along with their single. You'll also get the chance to check 'em out in August, when they tour Europe and the UK.

The band's also touring Europe for the first time in August - so don't miss their UK gigs.

En excellent experimental power-violence/grind band from Buffalo/NY, so good!!!

The 12''LP ''Collection'' will be available on the Sheevayoga / Tummo UK tour in June {4th - 9th}, for a detailed info about this tour please go to the gigs section.

Water Torture "Collection" 12"LP features those following tracks:

Water Torture single s/t 
A01 Amber Vapor  
A02 Cursed  
A03 Death To All The World  
A04 Erased  
A05 Grey  
A06 Enslaved  
A07 Stationary  
A08 Numb Skull  

split 7"EP w/thedowngoing 
A09 Intro  
A10 No Vaccine  
A11 Human Slave  
A12 Esa-N-Dem  
A13 Life Is Pain  
A14 Exposure  
A15 In Response To:  
A16 Planetary Disease  
A17 H.I.W.T.H.I.  
A18 Untitled  
A19 Everyday Delusion 

split 7"EP w/six brew bantha 
A20 White Noise Spotlight  
A21 No Trophy  
A22 Home/Sick  
A23 Black Blood  
A24 Alone Always  
A25 Common Standard  

split 7"EP w/sea Of shit 
A26 Mind Fires  
A27 Attn: Starved  
A28 Living Hell  
A29 Mechanical Disfunction  
A30 Restart Disaster  

split 7"EP w/corrupt bastards 
A31 Do It Yourself  
A32 Walls Written-By – Siege (2)  

split 7"EP w/+HIRS+ 
B1 All In All  
B2 Vacant Sound  
B3 Contaminate  
B4 Un-Sanitize  
B5 Projection  
B6 Excrete - Reproduce  
B7 Not Seen  
B8 LPE  
B9 Killorder  
B10 Populus
split 7"EP w/suffering mind 
B11 Dead Fields 

Water Torture 'Shellfire!' 7"EP 
B12 For Nothing  
B13 Synthetic Waste  
B14 Self Preserve  
B15 Medicate  
B16 Complete Collapse  
B17 Confine  
B18 Demise  
B19 Trainwreck  
B20 Drowning  
B21 Blackout  
B22 Resistant