Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Well, here's my first review on Swiss band's album. Today we'll talk about band called Insomnia Isterica and their latest release Alcoholarchy. To be honest, I always passed by this band for whatever reason, but now I have to apologize for this, hehe. 9 songs 10 minutes long overall, hmm. It only could be punk or grindcore, right? Well, here we have both! These guys perform great grindcore with old school punk! No super fast guitar riffs or supersonic blastbeats. It's not Nasum after all, hehe! But Insomnia Isterica is like a sip of a cold tasty beer when you got a hangover! They bring you back to life! Now I know what anonymous alcoholics listen to on their meetings, hehe!

The artwork is superb! The cover was made by one of the band's member, I guess they saved some money because of that. As I mentioned earlier about alcohol-inspired music, the cover fits perfectly for this release. Even I couldn't stand the desire and opened up a beer! Group of punk zombies eating flesh while drinking some rad booze! On the other side there's a vine with grapes, hops and wheat, looks like it's telling us that you can't listen to this record and still be sober! Also this vinyl has a nice olive color. Here's Alcoholarchy for you!

split label release between L'é Tütt Folklor Records, Balkongpønker Vinilers, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Dead Heroes Records, Grindfather Productions, Hecatombe Records.

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